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A Note from Betsy Winslow Trimber:


After seven years faced with meager purchasing options, my frustration fueled my desire to rescue parents, teachers and flutists like me! I decided to create a new outlet for the trial and sale of flutes. In 2011, I opened The Flutist’s Faire, a store front location providing the latest products and access to professional musicians. I made the decision to start this business after struggling to acquire a step-up and then a custom flute for my daughter.

Here were our only choices:

  • • Buy a flute on eBay
  • • Travel over 250 miles to the nearest flute specialist
  • • Pay for expensive shipping and trials
  • • Wait for the Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair
  • • Visit the local music store where there was no professional flutist on staff to guide our decision.


We tried all of the above, and we yearned for a better option; an option with an emphasis on customer service! So, guided by my less than desirable experiences as a consumer, I serve my clients by answering questions directly, listening to complaints gracefully, addressing issues empathetically and finding solutions that are mutually satisfying to all parties.


Answers to a couple FAQs:

How do I get to The Flutist’s Faire?

With our executive office located in Springfield, VA, The Flutist’s Faire is easily accessible from anywhere in the DC Metro. Schedule an appointment to meet us at our location….Or, we can come to you! Our consultants are pleased to schedule meetings convenient to our clients at their suggested place and time. We can easily be wherever you need us: your teacher’s studio, your home, your band program, etc.

Why are “no other instruments allowed”?

The Flutist’s Faire specializes in assisting with flute-centered education and events. We encourage teachers to book a studio event for their students and welcome requests from Band Directors for a free flute sectional. The Flutist’s Faire promises to provide young flutists with a fun, interactive experience.

Put simply—The flute is the best instrument in the world and by choosing The Flutist’s Faire, you will be enhancing the likelihood of your child’s musical success.

The Flutist’s Faire offers flutes, piccolos, music, accessories, instrument repairs, master classes, and private and pairs lessons.