Repairs by John Lagerquist

Two types of service:

1. While You Wait. You need your flute NOW!

2. Drop-off Service. Drop-off on Tuesday and get your flute back by Saturday. Drop-off on Saturday and get your flute back by Tuesday.
Please call for an appointment for While You Wait service at 703.822.8282.

John has over 40 years of experience as a professional flutist and is a certified Schmidt and Straubinger technician who specializes in the repair and maintenance of high grade flutes and piccolos.

Instrument repair pricing can vary considerably due to its age and condition. Prices for overhauls range from $800 for C foot flutes with closed holes and adjustment screws to $1200 and up for French model flutes with B foot, including Schmidt pads.

All other repairs are billed at the rate of $80 per hour. These include smoldering, dent and scratch removal, bearing adjustment, key swedging, tone hole soldering and refacing, embouchure carving, lip plate or head tube replacement, straight to conical pivot conversion, making new steels, making new head stopper, upgrading antique head stopper, cleaning oil adjust, etc.