You may rent an instrument from The Flutist’s Faire for a monthly rental fee that is dependent upon the instrument you are renting. In addition to the monthly fee, you must provide a $100.00 deposit. This deposit is refundable when instrument is returned in proper working order.

Terms of rental are month to month. Instruments must be returned to The Flutist’s Faire by the last day of the month. Failure to do so will result in a full month rental charge for the following month with no refund after transaction is complete. Any repairs necessary will be deducted from the deposit made at the time of rental. If repairs exceed the amount of deposit, renter will be responsible and notified of cost to repair the instrument that will be charged to credit card on file.

If you’d like to purchase an instrument during the rental period, the deposit can be used towards the purchase price of the instrument. 100% of your first 24 months rental can be applied towards the purchase price of the instrument or any instrument from The Flutist’s Faire. (Cases and accessories are not applicable). If purchasing an instrument from The Flutist’s Faire, it must be done within 30 days of rental return or credit expires. Rental credit can only be applied to purchases where sale price of instrument is greater than accrued.

Please contact us for our full rental policy.