Why try before you buy?


Musical instruments can be expensive and online discount options may seem like the responsible option. For many consumer items, this is surely the case, but the opposite is true when purchasing a flute. Without hands-on qualification of the instrument, the student is very likely inheriting an old or damaged instrument not suited to his or her style of playing (even if they are a beginner). For example, many flutes on eBay are pitched lower than today’s instruments. They are in poor condition, and may not even have the newer scale and technology. While a parent may think they are getting a bargain by purchasing the instrument online, it is important to tangibly assess the instrument’s quality and condition.


Trial Policy

Trials are for five days (three days for some instruments) starting with the day of delivery. If The Flutist’s Faire is not notified of a decision by the sixth day (fourth day for some instruments), or if the instrument is not in transit, The Flutist’s Faire will consider the instrument sold and your credit card will be charged for the full value. The Flutist’s Faire will charge a restocking fee equal to 15% of the instrument’s cost for the return of late instruments. Instruments must be returned in their original condition to The Flutist’s Faire. If not, the customer will be responsible and charged $80/hour for restoring the instrument(s) to their original condition.